The Zouratié Koné Ensemble has been selected for Matongé Sounds, the competition held by Muziekpublique for the accompaniment program for musicians with talent and ambition in Matongé

The program Matongé Sounds was launched in February 2020 by Muziekpublique who was looking for new musical talents in Matongé, with the support of Christos Doulkeridis, Mayor, Nevruz Unal, Alderman for Urban Renewal, and members of the Municipal Council of Ixelles and the Brussels-Capital Region, in the framework of the Atheneum Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract.

“With this project, we want to invest in local groups and musicians, give them a chance to grow and show their talent to a wide audience. In this manner, we want to make Matongé a cultural attraction once again. We appeal to all musicians who play world music (in the broadest sense) and link up with Matongé.” (Peter Van Rompey for Muziekpublique)

The jury was composed by: Peter Van Rompaey (artistic director of Muziekpublique), Klay Mawungu (Rumba Lumumba), Taliké Gelle (renowned composer, singer and percussionist from Madagascar), Tony Van der Eecken (music programmer of BOZAR)

Together with the Zouratié Koné Ensemble were selected Fabrice Mukuna Band, Kato Winse and Ange Nawasadio.

Voici les artistes participants à Matonge Sounds